My ABC Toybox

by Edith Bowlby, Speech-Language Pathologist
Sing My ABC Toybox for Vowels together! Use some of your own fun items too!
Sing My ABC Toybox for Consonant Sounds together! Use some of your own fun items too!

My ABC Toy Box is designed to be interactive, with adult and child watching and communicating together throughout viewing. It can be a fun way to practice together singing vowels and consonants in silly words in songs. Be sure to open and read “My ABC Toy Box Suggestions”, for ideas on how to practice these songs together, a list of fun items to gather at home for your child’s own ABC Toy Box, and strategies to try as you sing along and pause the songs to practice together. The Vowel and Consonant Sound Charts can be viewed and/or printed, to help your child “see” as well as “hear” the sounds and words targeted in the songs. Have fun singing, playing and learning together!

Please note that working directly with a Speech Pathologist regarding concerns about a child’s speech and language development is always recommended. This information is for educational purposes only and not meant to be used on it’s own without direct support from a Speech Pathologist who is familiar with your child’s needs.

All downloads may be printed and reproduced for educational purposes.