Talking With The ABC’s

by Edith Bowlby, Speech-Language Pathologist

The Talking With The ABC’s video is designed to be interactive, with adult and child watching and communicating together throughout viewing. In this video, alphabet sounds as well as functional words and phrases are sung in a slow, repetitive, rhythmic pattern. Functional words are introduced including core vocabulary words (i.e. more, help, all done), names of objects, people, actions, colors, and locations. Social phrases are modeled including requesting actions/objects/help, commenting, greeting, and asking/answering questions.

Matching flashcards can be downloaded, printed and assembled into an ABC flashcard booklet (hole punch/bind with rings) and used as visual supports for learning, moving a finger along the pictures of the ABC target words and of the mouth movements through the word, as you practice together.

Please note that working directly with a Speech Pathologist regarding concerns about a child’s speech and language development is always recommended. This information is for educational purposes only and not meant to be used on it’s own without direct support from a Speech Pathologist who is familiar with your child’s needs.

All downloads may be printed and reproduced for educational purposes