Silly Signing Songs

by Edith Bowlby, Speech -Language Pathologist
“Bubbles” …gather your own bubbles, and have fun singing, signing, and blowing bubbles together!
“My Turn”….have fun banging your own drum (or oatmeal container), ringing a bell, and signing together!

The Silly Signing Songs can be a fun and interactive way to encourage early signs and speech development in young children. Each of the 15 songs are sung in a slow, repetitive way, with the target sign repeated many times, to give the child lots of practice and opportunities to learn the gesture. Each song has special games, speech, and/or body movements to encourage speech and social interactions between the child and adult, such as walking like an elephant/mouse, a tickling game, pee-a-boo, and drinking/eating time. Many of the songs involve fun speech practice with words paired with actions (go, boom) , animal noises, sound effects (blowing raspberries, yawning), and practice of early consonant/vowel words (owie,eek). The song words/sign language pages can be downloaded and printed (front to back) and assembled into a small ring-bound booklet, to assist the adult in singing and signing along with the songs. Have fun singing and learning together!

Please note that working directly with a Speech Pathologist regarding concerns about a child’s speech and language development is always recommended. This information is for educational purposes only and not meant to be used on it’s own without direct support from a Speech Pathologist who is familiar with your child’s needs.

All downloads may be printed and reproduced for educational purposes.